ICP Stream Meet, the professional video conferencing solution designed for qualitative research

With our platform, you can enjoy worry-free online Focus Groups and a superior video conferencing experience. As developers of web streaming solutions since 2010, we've been offering enhanced video conferencing platforms since 2020 that provide a substitute for traditional meeting rooms.

Management platform ICP Stream Meet

Our solution covers all needs for organizing online events through its simple and intuitive management platform tailored for remote qualitative interviews and groups.

With just a few clicks, you can invite and provide access to participants, record and live stream meetings, and automate the setup of your online studies.

Many features enhance the video conferencing experience and provide your clients with an immersion as close as possible to a studio with a one-way mirror.

  • Video & Audio Recording

    Record your meetings with ICP Stream Meet's video and audio recording feature. You can access recordings at any time and share them with your team or clients.

  • Live Streaming

    Broadcast your online studies live with ICP Stream Meet's live streaming feature. Share your studies with team members or clients remotely.

  • Simultaneous Translation

    Our platform offers simultaneous translation, so you can conduct international online studies with ease.

  • Up to 10 Simultaneous Focus Groups

    ICP Stream Meet allows you to conduct up to 10 simultaneous Focus Groups, so you can manage multiple studies at once.

  • Polls

    Our platform offers a polling feature that allows you to gather feedback from participants during online studies.

  • Breakout Rooms

    Use our breakout room feature to conduct group discussions with smaller groups of participants during online studies.

  • Document Sharing

    Share documents and presentations during online studies with our document sharing feature.

  • Zoom Compatible

    ICP Stream Meet is compatible with Zoom, so your clients don't need to learn how to use a new app.

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