Attend all your groups and interviews

Remotely follow all your qualitative groups and interviews with ICP Stream Mobile solution and its Smartphone application or Desktop application. Streaming live, on demand or download, watch and watch again consumer meetings and interviews wherever they take place

ICP Stream Mobile and its mobile App

In addition to remotely attend your Focus Groups with the ICP Stream Studio solution, you can now attend the interviews of your nomad interviewers using a simple smartphone and ICP stream mobile app.

With the ICP Stream mobile application, broadcast live interviews and groups or simply record an audio version automatically uploaded to your platform.

Master your GDPR compliance. All recordings are automatically uploaded and then deleted from the interviewer’s smartphone.

ICP Stream Mobile and its Desktop application

Even follow your online interviews live.

Do not change your habits and broadcast live video conferences using your usual solutions (, GotoMeeting, Skype ...).

Master your GDPR compliance. No recording stored on the interviewer's computer.

ICP Stream Mobile management platform

Plan all your events with a few clicks. Connection information is automatically sent to your clients, interviewers/moderators, translators/transcriptionists.

Create video on demand secure and limited access for your translators or transcriptionists, giving you the freedom of no longer distributing files copy.

Master your GDPR compliance. Master the duplication of video and audio files, the ICP Stream Mobile solution manages deletions or data transfers for you in order to meet your commitments with certainty.

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